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Server Name Players Slots Mode Map Hosting Country
[N-S] Hallway [BACK AGAIN] 25 32ctfnhallpointGB United Kingdom
*Sauerkraut - Ragequit Parkour 3 16botsCentralParkParkourDE Germany
aloha.pk capture the flag 0 32ctfStackAttackUS United States
CallOfLiberty Arena Top10 24/7 0 32arenaPlaneAssaultFR France
[UK] Earth's Elite | Infection 0 16infectNormandieRO RO
aloha.pk ctf 24/7 classicgen 0 32ctfclassicgenUS United States
aloha.pk tower of babel 32 32babelTradeoffUS United States
German Spades | Elevators | 0 32ctfHallwayDE Germany
aloha.pk push 2 32pushSwamp LandsUS United States
aloha.pk last stand 0 32standRorke's DriftUS United States
*Sauerkraut - Push 0 32pushSwamp LandsDE Germany
Anti-Air's Nuketown! 0 32tdmnuketownUS United States
aloha.pk global war 0 32tdmearthUS United States
Nuketown 24/7 TDM 10 32tdmNuketownCA Canada
*Sauerkraut - OpenSpades Only 0 32ctfTrenchesDE Germany
aloha.pk 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint 0 321ctfpinpointUS United States
aloha.pk dig dug 0 32digdugDig DugUS United States
*Sauerkraut - Shoot 'Em Up 0 6botsLevel 1DE Germany
aloha.pk tdm island maps 0 32tdmHillside v2US United States
+All day Hallway 24x7+ 30 32ctfhallwayUS United States
[N-S] FreeBuild 24/7 0 32ctffreebuild2.savedGB United Kingdom
[HMMR] Hammertime CTF | 0.75 | 0 32ctfDeserttownNZ New Zealand
aloha.pk tdm 24/7 faceoff 0 32tdmFaceoffUS United States
aloha.pk build-only 0 32buildbuildonlyUS United States
Scorpian's Server 0 32ctfHunters ParadiseDE Germany
aloha.pk humans vs. zombies 0 32zombiespinnacle2US United States
aloha.pk football/soccer 0 32footbalcountrycourseUS United States
*Sauerkraut - Shoot The Deuce 0 16botsGenmountainDE Germany
[N-S] 1 Vs 1 0 2ctfclosedassaultUS United States
aloha.pk counter-strike maps 13 32arenade_nukeUS United States
GODDAM RUSSIANS 0 32ctfCapitolDE Germany
aloha.pk king of the hill 0 32kothRenaissance TownUS United States
aloha.pk tennis 0 32tennistennisUS United States
[N-S] Babel [Bots] 0 32babelVippersGB United Kingdom
aloha.pk intel rpg 0 32irpgdeucehillsUS United States
[UK] Earth's Elite | Infiltrati 0 16infiltrBridge WarsRO RO
[N-S] Best Minimaps 0 32tdmMini Deck ArenaUS United States
aloha.pk free for all 0 32ctf2keepUS United States
aloha.pk tug of war 0 32towGolfUS United States
[UK] Earth's Elite | Territory 0 16tcHallwayRO RO
aloha.pk r1ctf 24/7 hallway 0 32r1ctfhallwayUS United States
aloha.pk blockpower 0 32ctfforksUS United States
*Sauerkraut - Zombie Survival 4 16surviveearthwindfirewaterDE Germany
Kyar Bot Zombie 0 16survivenormandieKR Korea
aloha.pk territory control 0 32tcmakewarUS United States
[AOSK] CTF server 0 32ctfSnowTownKR Korea
CallOfLiberty Babel Top10 24/7 0 32babelBridgeyardFR France
aloha.pk arena all maps 0 32arenaabandoned strongholdUS United States
*Sauerkraut - Deathmatch 0 32tdmHimalayaDE Germany
aloha.pk infiltration 0 31infiltrCastle AssaultUS United States
1337 Nuketown Server 0 6tdmnuketownAT AT

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