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Server Name Players Slots Mode Map Hosting Country
*Sauerkraut - Classes 32 32classeskillroyDE Germany
[NoSt] Grenadier! 15 16ctfCity of ChicagoDE Germany
GieMap - Deutscher Server 0 32ctf20thCenturyTownDE Germany
aloha.pk arena all maps 0 32arenaprisonbreakUS United States
CallOfLiberty mCtf Top10 24/7 0 32mctfDeckMiniCtfFR France
nitrado.net gameserver 3 4ctfBridge WarsDE Germany
WW2 Invasion of Normandy 0 32normandbloody_omahaJP Japan
aloha.pk dig dug 0 32digdugDig DugUS United States
aloha.pk global war 0 32tdmearthUS United States
CallOfLiberty Arena Top10 24/7 0 32arenaSixHousesFR France
Serveur Public Elventeam [FR] 0 20ctfmarmatmapFR France
*Sauerkraut - Deathmatch 0 32tdmDrift IceDE Germany
*Sauerkraut - Push 0 32pushSwamp LandsDE Germany
JestServers.com Germany 0 32ctfclassicgenDE Germany
nitrado.net gameserver 1 8ctfBridge WarsNL Netherlands
aloha.pk EU tdm 24/7 driftice 10 32tdmDrift IceFR France
aloha.pk tdm 24/7 faceoff 12 32tdmfaceoffUS United States
[Brasil] Ace of Spades BUILD 4 8buildFlatlandBR Brazil
aloha.pk EU tower of babel 0 32babelRoad IslandFR France
24/7 FREE COOKIES - MODDED SERV 0 32ctfIcecapFR France
aloha.pk king of the hill 0 32kothskullfortUS United States
aloha.pk r1ctf 24/7 hallway 1 32r1ctfhallwayUS United States
aloha.pk tug of war 0 32towwaterfrontv2US United States
German Spades 31 32ctfBridge WarsDE Germany
aloha.pk EU ctf SeoulMetro 0 32ctfSeoulMetroFR France
nitrado.net gameserver 0 4ctfpyspadesDE Germany
aloha.pk 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint 0 321ctfpinpointUS United States
LAMPOVIY SERVACHOK [BABEL] 14 32babelPumpkin PartyRU Russia
aloha.pk football/soccer 1 32footbaldesertcourseUS United States
PaperFlight - Build Server 1 32ctfCityvilleUS United States
[FR] styled-gaming.eu | CTF | 11 32ctfHallwayFR France
aloha.pk four teams 0 324teamsQuadpointUS United States
aloha.pk humans vs. zombies 1 32zombiespinnacle2US United States
German Spades ZOMBIES 8 32zombiesCity of ChicagoDE Germany
~~~ Nuketown server 23 32tdmnuketownJP Japan
nitrado.net gameserver 0 4ctfpyspadesDE Germany
aloha.pk capture the flag 0 32ctfSkullFortUS United States
aloha.pk SuperCool Build 0 32buildclassicgenstaticUS United States
Destiny-Server - HALLWAY WINTER 5 32ctfhallwaywinterHU Hungary
|BRASIL| LUCK GUY OldSchool 0 32ctfPinpoint2US United States
SuperCool Curse of Hompy Jones 16 30krakenHeir KrakenUS United States
aloha.pk Fortwars 0 32ctfHexclimbUS United States
24/7 Polski Serwer Hallway 21 24ctfHallwayPL Poland
|MGC|Gaming-UK Hallway #1 24/7 19 32ctfHallwayGB United Kingdom
JestServers.com Chicago 0 32ctfclassicgenUS United States
LAMPOVIY SERVACHOK [PUSH] 29 32pushIce BreakRU Russia
LAMPOVIY SERVACHOK [CTF] 13 32ctfGoonjungleRU Russia
German Spades ARENA 3 32arenaMiniDeckArenaDE Germany
[-BRASIL-]CTF DA MORTE 1 16ctfSkullFortBR Brazil
aloha.pk ctf 24/7 classicgen 0 32ctfclassicgenUS United States
Marshall Islands - 24/7 0 24ctfAssaultUS United States
LAMPOVIY SERVACHOK [TOW] 0 32towSummer FieldsRU Russia
[FR] styled-gaming.eu | CTF #2 4 32ctfHallwayFR France
aloha.pk arena top 10 maps 7 32arenaavstorageUS United States
nitrado.net gameserver 0 4ctfAnticbridgeNL Netherlands
JestServers.com France 1 32ctfrandomFR France
German Party 19 32ctfHALLWAY V2.0DE Germany
GFM maze server 4 32labyLabyrinth TowerCA Canada
aloha.pk infiltration 1 31infiltrHillfortUS United States
aloha.pk EU r1ctf 24/7 hallway 0 32r1ctfhallwayFR France
Kyar - Assault 1 32ctfKyar assaultKR Korea
aloha.pk tdm island maps 0 32tdmCRUMBUS United States
Minecraft 1 4ctfBridge WarsNL Netherlands
MASSIVE Gameplay 0 4tdmAnticbridgeNL Netherlands
MJ's 24/7 Team Deathmatch (TDM) 0 32tdmDeucefortsNZ New Zealand
aloha.pk blockpower 0 32ctf2keepUS United States
nitrado.net gameserver 0 8ctfAnticbridgeDE Germany
*Sauerkraut - Shoot The Deuce 0 32botsDeuce FloorDE Germany
QuakeHost.ru demo server 0 32ctfrandomRU Russia
Danko's Zombie Apocalypse 8 16ctfMoskva MetroUS United States
aloha.pk smashoff test 0 32smashofCheesusUS United States
[N-S] Bridge Wars babel 0 32ctfBridge WarsDE Germany
aloha.pk counter-strike maps 0 32arenade_dust2US United States
Scheinecraft 1 4ctfpyspadesDE Germany
Putin server 3 32ctfSkullFortRU Russia
#PSAOS.PL - Polski Serwer H-way 31 32ctfHallwayUS United States
SHPC Official OpenSpades 0 32ctfhallwayNZ New Zealand
German Spades BABEL 0 32babelTunnel TopDE Germany
aloha.pk last stand 0 32standRorke's DriftUS United States
Animus Server 1 - TDM 21 32tdmAnimusIT Italy
[N-S] FreeBuild 24/7 3 20ctfclassicgen3DE Germany
Teambuilding 0 32ctfhallwayUS United States
aloha.pk tennis 0 32tennistennisUS United States
anal ctf server 1 32ctffrozenJP Japan
TKDominik AceOfSpades 1 4ctfAnticbridgeDE Germany
CallOfLiberty Babel Top10 24/7 31 32babelEllipsisFR France
anal Trench_warfare server 3 32towTrench_planeJP Japan

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