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Server Name Players Slots Mode Map Hosting Country
aloha.pk MINIFUN 0 32tdmMeleeTrainUS United States
*Sauerkraut - Push 0 32pushBikini AtollDE Germany
aloha.pk free for all 0 32ctf2keepUS United States
CallOfLiberty Arena CS 24/7 0 32arenacsCs_MilitiaFR France
[AntiHack] CTF 3 32ctfAlexandriaJP Japan
aloha.pk team deathmatch 1 32tdmislandUS United States
aloha.pk global war 0 32tdmearthUS United States
*Sauerkraut - Ragequit Parkour 0 16botsParkour 2DE Germany
aloha.pk ZOMBIES!!! vs. humans 0 32zombiespointsUS United States
SLAV server 0 32ctfParadiseRU Russia
aloha.pk intel rpg 0 32irpgcord2US United States
aloha.pk 24/7 faceoff 0 32tdmFaceoffUS United States
*Sauerkraut - Zombie Survival 1 16survivebiodomeDE Germany
aloha.pk 24/7 classicgen 0 32ctfclassicgenUS United States
aloha.pk king of the hill 0 32kothSkullFortUS United States
GB Hallway #2 24/7 0 32ctfNatural HallwayGB United Kingdom
GB AoS TDM 0 32tdmclassicgenGB United Kingdom
aloha.pk infiltration 0 31infiltrBeaulieu AbbeyUS United States
[AntiHack] nuketown 0 32TDMnuketownJP Japan
GB Tower Of Babel 24/7 0 32babelPinpointGB United Kingdom
Sosaka.ml Prime Server 0 32ctfmuhosranskRU Russia
aloha.pk dig dug 0 32digdugDig DugUS United States
aloha.pk parkour 0 32parkourcheckerjumpUS United States
[AntiHack] BABEL 0 32babelOasisJP Japan
aloha.pk tug of war 0 32towwaterfrontv2US United States
My Littlest Pony 0 32ctfnhallwayGB United Kingdom
aloha.pk capture the flag 0 32ctfYarr IslandUS United States
SoFurry NoCheat OpenSpades ONLY 0 32ctfegyptUS United States
[Elkien3] Territory Control 0 32tcAssault2US United States
aloha.pk four teams 0 324teamsQuadpointUS United States
aloha.pk tennis 0 32tennistennisUS United States
aloha.pk smashoff 0 32smashofCheesusUS United States
My Little Freebuild 0 32ctffreebuild.savedGB United Kingdom
*Sauerkraut - Deathmatch 0 32tdmHa Long BayDE Germany
aloha.pk arena 0 32arenaindiaarenaUS United States
aloha.pk tower of babel 0 32babelTunnel TopUS United States
*Sauerkraut - Shoot 'Em Up 6 6botsLevel 4DE Germany
aloha.pk blockpower 0 32ctf2keepUS United States
aloha.pk territory control 0 32tcwaterfrontv2US United States
aloha.pk push 0 32pushEgyptUS United States
aloha.pk ten story towers 0 32ctfkeeperUS United States
aloha.pk arena (counter-strike) 0 32arenade_dustUS United States
*Sauerkraut - Target Practice 0 16botsgenmap28DE Germany
aloha.pk arena (top 10) 0 32arenaPlane AssaultUS United States
[AntiHack] TOW 0 32TOWhaikyoJP Japan
aloha.pk 24/7 assault 0 32ctfAssaultUS United States
GB Hallway 24/7 1 32ctfHallwayGB United Kingdom
aloha.pk 24/7 pinpoint (1ctf) 0 321ctfPinpointUS United States
aloha.pk soccer (football) 0 32footbalsmallcourseUS United States
[AntiHack] TDM 0 32TDMvipparkJP Japan
aloha.pk 24/7 hallway (r1ctf) 0 32r1ctfhallwayUS United States
aloha.pk build-only 0 32buildbuildonlyUS United States
*Sauerkraut - OpenSpades Only 0 32ctfHimalayaDE Germany
aloha.pk last stand 0 32standThe AlamoUS United States
[AntiHack] FFADM everyone enemy 0 32FFASFfactoryJP Japan

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