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Server Name Players Slots Mode Map Hosting Country
aloha.pk tdm island maps 0 32tdmislandUS United States
*Sauerkraut - OpenSpades Only 0 32ctfHimalayaDE Germany
aloha.pk capture the flag 0 32ctfnetronUS United States
CallOfLiberty Arena Top10 24/7 1 32arenaPhasesFR France
anal Trench_warfare server 0 32towTrench_planeJP Japan
Nuketown Server 0 32tdmnuketownDE Germany
aloha.pk global war 0 32tdmearthUS United States
aloha.pk football/soccer 0 32footbaldesertcourseUS United States
Sosaka.ml Prime Server 15 32ctfgoontunnelsRU Russia
aloha.pk last stand 0 32standAmbushUS United States
aloha.pk tdm 24/7 faceoff 0 32tdmfaceoffUS United States
*Sauerkraut - Deathmatch 0 32tdmHa Long BayDE Germany
nitrado.net gameserver 0 4ctfAnticbridgeDE Germany
aloha.pk counter-strike maps 0 32arenacs_1337_assaultUS United States
anal ctf server 0 32ctfMaze_CaveJP Japan
Chinese server by arsdragonfly 0 32towThe AlamoCN China
aloha.pk tug of war 0 32towGolfUS United States
aloha.pk king of the hill 0 32kothOctopusUS United States
Hallway PL 24/7 9 32ctfHallwayPL Poland
aloha.pk intel rpg 0 32irpgcord2US United States
aloha.pk tower of babel 30 32babelblamUS United States
nitrado.net gameserver 0 4ctfpyspadesDE Germany
anal Nuketown server 6 32tdmnuketownJP Japan
*Sauerkraut - Zombie Survival 1 16surviveBattlefarm 128DE Germany
aloha.pk ten story towers 0 32ctfkeeperUS United States
aloha.pk 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint 0 321ctfpinpointUS United States
TakeOver AoS Server 0 8ctfpyspadesDE Germany
aloha.pk smashoff 0 32smashofCheesusUS United States
aloha.pk push 0 32pushIsle HopUS United States
Hallway All Day! [BACK] 0 32ctfHallway CastlesUS United States
aloha.pk race/parkour 0 32racecheckerjumpUS United States
aloha.pk free for all 0 32ctf2keepUS United States
[N-S] Pygmyfort 0 32pygmyfonormandieGB United Kingdom
#1 Skynet AoS [TC] 0 32tcMakewarUA Ukraine
aloha.pk r1ctf 24/7 hallway 1 32r1ctfhallwayUS United States
aloha.pk arena all maps 0 32arenafacingworldsarenaUS United States
Danko's Buddy bot server 1 32ctftripilisUS United States
Shipment Server 2 32tdmshipmentDE Germany
aloha.pk tdm MINIFUN 0 32tdmchessUS United States
[HMMR] Hammertime CTF | 0.75 | 0 32ctfRemusNZ New Zealand
aloha.pk dig dug 0 32digdugDig DugUS United States
*Sauerkraut - Shoot The Deuce 2 16botsPrison CampDE Germany
aloha.pk tennis 0 32tennistennisUS United States
CallOfLiberty mCtf Top10 24/7 0 32mctfIndiaMiniCtfFR France
!TrueSkill Rating 7day map 0 32trueskiScandinaviaDE Germany
aloha.pk humans vs. zombies 6 32zombiespointsUS United States
Destiny-Server - HALLWAY FORTS 5 32ctfHallwayFortsHU Hungary
aloha.pk ctf 24/7 classicgen 0 32ctfclassicgenUS United States
RifleOnly ClassicGen Server 0 32ctfclassicgenRU Russia
aloha.pk build and splat 0 32splatDrift IceUS United States
aloha.pk blockpower 0 32ctfbighouseUS United States
|NXTGN| Pro Server Hallway ;) 24 32ctfhallwayUS United States
CallOfLiberty Babel Top10 24/7 0 32babelNewFortFR France
aloha.pk territory control 0 32tccitadelUS United States
*Sauerkraut - Push 0 32pushSuspensionDE Germany
aloha.pk infiltration 0 31infiltrLost ValleyUS United States
ZG 24/7 Hallway #1 29 32ctflastsavPL Poland

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